Are you a Startup? Learn to Embrace Mobile Phones For Advancing in Business

Embracing mobile phones to improve one’s business is the daylight for technology and startups these days. Running a business or new startup is not a very easy task, making it necessary for entrepreneurs to look for ways to make running their businesses smooth. Many successful organizations have realized the great potentials that lie in employing mobile phones and smart technology to grace their businesses and have invested reasonable amount in making it work for them. With latest addition of Android phones like Samsung Galaxy SII and SIII and iPhone 5 on the away there is a lot to look forward in the upcoming mobile technology.


But most business owners who have been in the game for quite a while now have not yet recognized the importance of paying so much attention to mobile technology. My blog post will show you how startups can use mobile phones to move their business forward.

Growing Business With Mobile Phones:

Call Conferencing

Call conferencing has been a very vital role the mobile phone has always played for as far as since the 3G came. With call conferencing, you not only pass vital and important business messages across to team members and employees at the same time, you are also systematically saving your company a lot of money which in turn pays you for better development of your business.

Call conferencing can also be implemented to keep your employees on check and make sure they continuously have a feel of your presence, thereby making them more effective and efficient at work. With the competition in this area for many telecommunications companies, you’ll find it very easy getting the best offer for your company as most telecom companies would be offering it at very low rates to attract customers. And certain packages can help you get this feature for free with your existing internet service provider.

Memo Taking

Mobile phones have been importantly useful in the aspect of memo taking that even apps developed for this purpose have become extremely popular among mobile phone users. Evernote is a very typical example of memo taking app for mobile phones that anyone will recommend to you.

What made the mobile phone extremely important is the fact that you can even jot down ideas while on the go without anyone noticing or paying strange attention to you, unlike you’ll experience when doing the same on your laptop or your tablet.

Memo taking is a great aspect the mobile phone has excelled in and also help you have them backed up online and shared across your several devices such as your computer, your tablet et al is something that is now common with apps like Evernote.

Backup Data

Online backup and cloud computing has become so popular that these cloud hosting service providers are fast becoming multi-million dollar companies. This goes to prove that people take backup a very important issue and they’ve seen the solution in cloud computing. But we cannot deny the mobile phone the credit it deserves for making it possible for you to gain access to your backup files instantly, while on the go and when out of internet service.

Companies can use mobile phones to keep their calendars and appointments in a safer and more accessible place and the backup feature of the mobile phone also helps startups keep their important computer files safe by using the memory card of the phone for storage.

Common SEO mistakes we should try to ignore from now

As I always say, SEO is a field of changes. Nothing is permanent in this field. May be one technique which is working today for a great SEO boost becomes a cause of penalty for your website in future. There are thousands of examples to prove this fact. Today, am going to discuss some common SEO mistakes you should always try to ignore.

Common SEO Mistakes Which are Killing your SEO Campaign


Poorly Written Duplicate Content

First and most common SEO mistake made by webmasters is content which is poorly written and copied from some other sources. This is not only most common SEO mistake but, the bad news is that search engines are highly sensible for duplicate content.

If you are writing duplicate content for your website and applying all other great SEO techniques for ranking at a higher position in SERP, am sorry to say but, you will never achieve a reputation for your website.

Always write clean, easy to understand and most importantly unique content for your audience. Believe me, you don’t even need to apply very hard and fast SEO rules for your website if you are providing unique and fresh content to the search engines.

Working for Search Engines Not for Audience

Another common SEO mistake that most of us are doing these days is, we are concentrating more on search engines and ignoring our readers. I know that it is very important to apply all tips and tricks on our website according to guidelines of search engines but, we should always remember that we are working for our customers not to satisfy search engines.

Search engines always provide some guidelines for website owners and they also update their guidelines so end users can deliver with best results in SERP. Every webmaster should follow these guidelines but, at some time give more priority to audiences not to search engine crawlers.

Ignoring the Google Services

I know search engine is not a synonym for Google or vice versa but, we can’t ignore that Google is one of the best and mostly used search engine these days and hopefully always will remain same. Another common SEO mistake made by webmasters is ignoring the Google services and products.

Today, Google is providing many services for webmasters. All these services are specially designed by Google which not only helpful for website owners but also helping Google for tracking millions of websites and providing better results to internet users.

I always recommend webmasters to use all these services for their website and best thing is that most these services are free to use.

Here are some most important Google services you should always use for your website.

Ignoring the Power of Social Media

Today, internet is full with social media websites and users just love to use these social media websites. You can take your own example that how much you love social media. I hope you love it like I love to use social media. Everyone have social media icons on their mobile phones and they update their status regularly.

All these social media websites were designed for users so they can stay connect with their friends and family over Internet. But today the definition of social media is totally changed as social media these days providing a great platform to get involved with our audience.

Ignoring this power of social media is one another from common SEO mistakes we should ignore from now. If you are a website owner then it is always suggested to create your profile on each and every possible social media and use that social media platform to interact with your target audience.

Work More on Multimedia Content

It is human nature that we love multimedia content like pictures, videos and other media. Try to put more multimedia stuff to your website. There are many websites over internet which are perfect example to prove that internet users love to see multimedia content like for videos we have YouTube and for pictures we have Pinterest examples.

There are still many webmasters which ignore the power of multimedia and working for same boring test based content for their websites. Today, search engines are smart enough to know that internet users love to navigate websites with multimedia content so they provide more priority to websites which involve any type of multimedia with traditional test based content.

Back Links are Important

SEO is not all about creating backlinks for websites but, we also can’t ignore the factor that the backlinks are one from most important motives behind starting an SEO campaign. These backlinks are just like collecting more and more votes for your website. All these votes act as the main factor for deciding a website’s position on SERP pages.

Having backlinks for your website is good but, paying more attention on collecting more and more poor quality backlinks is another common SEO mistake made by SEO guys these days.

It is always suggested by search engines to work hard on collecting quality backlinks from websites which belongs to your niche. For example, if you are running a health website then try to earn backlinks from successful health based websites.

Don’t Only Focus on Your Targeted Keywords

Whenever we design a website or plan an SEO campaign for a website, our first most and obvious aim is ranking for some predefined keywords. A common mistake we made is, we start focusing too hard on our target keywords that search engines start considering us black hat SEO analyst.

It is always suggested not to use the same keywords every time if you are promoting your website using various SEO techniques. Keyword variation is very important. Try using different but related keywords for every submission work. This way you can secure your website for any possibility of penalty from search engine crawlers.

Promoting only website link everywhere

Any SEO campaign is designed to aware internet users about a website and attracting more and more visitors to that website. One of the common SEO mistake we make in our SEO campaigns is, promoting only and only website link everywhere and proving our self as black hat SEO analyst.

If you are running a SEO program for your own website or for some another’s website, try not to use only website link every time. Rather best practice is to promote the various already cashed high quality backlinks for your website.

Promoting these backlinks will not only help you earn more quality links but, it will also protect your website from direct promotions. One most important point to remember is that, promote backlinks which you have earned from highly ranked websites.

What is SEO?

If you are a website owner running a website, you surely want to appear your website at top position in search engine result pages. There are billions of websites on internet for almost every niche, then how can you clutch a better position in search engine eyes. That is the point where SEO or search engine optimization can help you.

Define Search Engine Optimization – What’s SEO All About

Suppose you have a newly designed website. Undoubtedly, you also have some keywords for your website and you want to appear your website in search result whenever user search for those keywords. You are very confident that you have very unique and resourceful information on your niche website, but when you type your own keywords in search bar, you it doesn’t show your website at all.

Is there Anything Wrong?

What is wrong with your website? Don’t worry because most of the cases, search engine have billions of other websites for your keywords. These websites are doing well and internet users love to read their content. Now the question is, how can you insure a better ranking over all your competitor websites? No worries, SEO is there for you.

If you ask me to define search engine optimization or for search engine optimization definition, I would say, SEO is a bunch of activities to ensure that search engines can easily find you from billions of competitors. A website that appears on a better position in search engine will surely get more traffic. SEO works for all aspects of your website and make sure to reserve a better position for your website in search engine result pages.

Is SEO Really Difficult?

Not at all, optimizing your website to grab a better position in search engine result is not that much difficult. All you have to do is, make sure you are providing what searchers actually looking for. Search engines always want to provide best for internet users and you have to work on that.

There are thousands of websites over the internet from where you can learn about SEO. Remember that SEO is not a rocket science, so you just have to pay a little consideration for what people looking for and how search engines are serving results to those people.

What Search Engines Suggest for Better SEO?

Search engines are very conservative in terms of how they crawl for providing best results to end user, but there are some common guidelines for webmasters to experience a better SEO of their website.

  1. Very unique and fresh content for readers.
  2. Easy web site design and navigation.
  3. Better domain authority.
  4. Quality backlinks.
  5. Social media.

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Provide Fresh Content to Your Readers

One of the most important parameters on which search engines rate your website is the freshness of your content. You have to plan your strategy for regular updates on your website.

The best thing to do is ad a separate blog column to your website and updates it on a regular interval. More relevant content have for readers, better rankings you can hope for in SERP.

Keep Your SEO Up to Date

Search engines always prefer to deliver most relevant results to users. That is why search engines always update their algorithms. These algorithms are just like the guidelines for webmasters to update their SEO strategies. It is the search engine optimization basics that you have to be much updated with all these guidelines so you can work for the best search engine optimization of your site.

How To Find The Windows Vista Menu Bar

Ways to Discover The Windows Vista Menu Bar

Taim Truck
Source: Flickr

Getting made use of to a brand-new operating system is always hard, yet there are many little pointers and also tricks that you can learn along the way making the shift much easier.

One of the devices readily available in Windows that I make use of constantly is the Menu Bar. This is bench across the top of most program windows that consists of products like; Report, Edit, Perspective, Devices, Insert, Aid, etc. The “Devices” menu is specifically valuable when I want to transform the settings for a program or window.

Allow me offer you a fast instance:

When I am hunting for a documents, it is not constantly visible with the default home windows setups, so I have to be able to view concealed files. To turn these concealed reports on, I click “Tools” in the menu bar, after that click “Folder Options” and afterwards click the “Perspective” tab in the folder choices window. On the Sight web page, I can rapidly scroll down and also click on “Program hidden documents as well as folders”, then I click the “OKAY” button to conserve my adjustments. When I have adhered to these actions, it is a lot easier to discover the documents that I am hunting for, specifically if it is a covert system file. As soon as I have located my data, I could rapidly go back and adhere to the actions above to switch off the concealed files by clicking on “Do not show concealed reports or folders”.

In Windows Panorama, the menu bar is not visible in most windows. I locate the loss of these menu bars quite discouraging since I am constantly changing setups using those food selections. If you are reading this post on a computer that is running Microsoft Windows Panorama, examine it out; click on “Beginning”, after that click on “Documents” you will certainly see the components of your papers folder, yet unless you have turned on the food selection bars, you will certainly not see them. I can not inform you how many times I was stumped by the lack of these food selection bars when I initially started utilizing Windows Vista computer systems!

Today, nonetheless, I have great news for you! If you are working on a computer system that is running Vista, and also you need to make a modification or more that you understand you utilized to be able to find in the menu bar, you can make the menu bar briefly visible in Panorama just by touching the “Alt” secret on your keyboard!

If you are making use of View, try it currently by adhering to these actions;

1. Open up a home window by clicking on the “Beginning” orb (new name for the round buttons in Vista and Office 2007″ and after that click “Documents” in the right-hand man side of the start menu.

2. Your documents window will open. You will certainly notice that there is no menu bar showing though.

3. Currently, touch the “Alt” key on your key-board merely as soon as. The food selection bar will show up near the top of the window. It will stay noticeable till you use it, or up until you tap the “Alt” secret again.

I can’t start to tell you just how much time this little technique has actually saved me when I am making use of or working on computers!

Top social media websites – Optimize them for better SEO campaign

There are hundreds of popular social media web sites and more and more peoples are using them to connect with their friends, family and communities. With the regular updates in search engines algorithms, it becomes so important to use these top social media websites for a better SEO campaign. All these social media websites provide you a great platform to interact with people directly and present them your services and products.

All these social media websites provide a “face” to large size brands and organizations, so their customers can feel casual to interact with them directly. We can easily guess the significance of best social media sites that, today, all big business organizations are working on better management of their multimedia campaign.

Most Popular Social Media Sites and their Reviews:


1. Pinterest

If you really want to know about the power of multimedia, go and have a look on Pinterest. In last few months, Pinterest is getting major lead in top social media websites and proving that how important the visuals are for internet users.

How to Optimize Pinterest for Better SEO:

Pinterest is best website for real time photo sharing. You can easily create an account on Pinterest and post pictures of your products. You can also share information about your website and services you are providing. Pinterest is the best social media to share your infographics over web.

2. Tumblr

Just like Pinterest, Tumblr is another social media site to share multimedia content. In past days, Tumblr was overlooked by some webmasters to use as social media website. These days Tumblr is hottest social media to share rich media content over internet.

How to Optimize Tumblr for Better SEO

With more than 150 million blogs on Tumblr, it is one of the best blogging website on web. Easy use of hash tags for blogging and media sharing makes Tumblr best platform to share content. One more great feature of using Tumblr is that, is provides dofollow links on your website. These dofollow backlinks provide great advantage to hold a better position on the search engine ranking page.

3. Facebook

Do you really think anyone on this planet need to know about Facebook? This website is biggest social media over internet with millions of regular users and they are growing every second. Pay a special attention to optimize your Facebook page so your target audience can easily find you.

How to Optimize Facebook for Better SEO

Create more useful and interesting content for Facebook sharing. More like and shares on your post on Facebook will directly can impact your website ranking in SERP’s. Use ‘About’ page effectively and provide information about your brand and services to your target customers.

4. Google+

Introduced in 2011, Google plus is playing a really important role in social media world. Google plus is much more than a simple social media website. More visitors on your Google plus profile will provide a great opportunity for users to find more content from you and at the same time it will also improve your reputation for better ranking.

How to Optimize Google Plus for Better SEO

Google plus can be a great tool for your SEO campaign. Complete each and every required and optional field of your Google plus page to make it more relevant for users and search engine spiders. Optimize your profile picture, about page and tagline. Do not forget to add your website details and important keywords to your Google plus page.

Use Google Plus for Your Google Authorship

Today Google has thousands of websites with great content. We can’t stick to same SEO guidelines and expect better ranking in search engine result pages. Google authorship is a great tool which can add some more plus points in your SEO campaign.

Google authorship links your content to your Google plus profile. Whenever someone searches for relevant keywords, if you are ranking well for those keywords, you’re Google plus profile picture and a tagline will appear in SERP. Google authorship is a great tool for more visibility and click rates.

5. YouTube

YouTube is one of the largest video sharing and third most visited websites over internet. YouTube is owned by Google and more than 50 hours long videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute. YouTube can be best choice for marketing your business with thousands of viewers on YouTube.

How to Optimize YouTube for Better SEO

Your video can be a great source of traffic on your website. Try to add more keywords in your video description. Attempt to make video look more realistic and resourceful. Don’t just use that old trick of creating a video in video maker and upload that on YouTube. There are no benefits for such videos, rather try to have more interesting videos about your product.

6. LinkedIn

Launched in 2003, LinkedIn becomes one of the best social media sites for B2B connections. Today, there are millions of business owners who are running their profile page for LinkedIn. A great percentage of recruiters prefer to use LinkedIn to choose best option form available. Not only millions of businesses owners, but regular customers also prefer to use services from those companies have an active account on LinkedIn.

How to Optimize LinkedIn for Better SEO

Your LinkedIn posts can be a great cause for better ranking of your website in search engine ranking pages. Use your keywords as hash tags and anchor text tags whenever you post your content on LinkedIn page. Complete each and every option in your profile.

LinkedIn is a great platform to make contacts with other leading businesses. Find other business owners related to your niche and follow them for their feeds, blogs and also follow them on Tweeter and social media sites. Optimizing LinkedIn profile not only helps you with better rankings but, it will also help in building a repo for your domain.


StumbleUpon, a great social media tool to use if you want more traffic to your blog or website. StumbleUpon suggests a best choice of web pages to users who search for Web Pages on a specific topic. If you succeed in better ‘StumbleUpon’, you can easily experience a sudden improvement in your traffic

How to Optimize LinkedIn for Better SEO

The Key to earning a better reputation for your blog in StumbleUpon is quality content. Give searchers what they are looking for. If users like your content they will vote for your blog and their support will help to grab a position in StumbleUpon suggest pages.

Try to make people believe that they should follow you for your posts. For that, First you have to follow people and they may be, they can also follow you back (only if they found your content useful for them). Suggest your posts to your followers and always try to suggest only that post for which you’re confident they it has useful and quality content for users.

Final Words:

You can use all these top social media websites to optimize your business in a better way. Always remember, post only relevant and keyword rich content to your social media profile. Each and every line you are going to post in your social media is an open door of interaction for your customers so use it carefully and in an elegant way.