How To Use Dual WhatsApp Account Without Root?

Hello friends today we are going to share one of the most searched article on internet i.e. Dual Whatsapp. People often search on internet for how to use dual whatsapp account for free and that without any root access. Yes it is possible now to use dual whatsapp account without the root access. In Internet there are lots of high authority websites are available who provides various dual whatsapp apk which can helps to use 2 whatsapp account. This dual whatsapp account apk is really working and you can have the 2 whatsapp account in your mobile.

Below we have explained the full guidelines on how to use 2 whatsapp account in your android mobile. This is the free guideline to our visitors.

Dual Whatsapp Account No Root


Here we have shared one of the best tricks to use dual whatsapp account. 2 Lines for Whatsapp is one of the best android based application which can help you to have multiple whatsapp account. It is very easy to install this application in your mobile and use it. We have explained step by step process to use this application to have multiple whatsapp account.

Features Of Our Method To Run Dual Whatsapp Account:

  • 2 whatsapp account in one device without root
  • Working rooted and non rooted mobile can use this technique
  • No error
  • Change Icon of app
  • Action Bar color change
  • Navigation bar color change (Lollipop Only)
  • Status Bar color change (Lollipop only)
  • FAB
  • Copy messages without date / Name
  • Copy contact status & phone Number
  • Change Notification icon color (Below Lollipop) (Not Lollipop)
  • Change chat balloon colors and text colors
  • Fastest Mod of WhatsApp
  • Full privacy
  • Fully Stable without any issues at all.
  • Image and video preview Mods
  • Group stats and much more!
  • Anti – ban Enabled
  • Calling feature Enabled
  • Updated design with bug Fixes
  • Material UI & Looking cool
  • Better looking & more feature in comparison of Real Whatsapp or Og Whatsapp
  • All Features are working smoothly & perfectly, No Issues while verify number or While Using Whatsapp
  • Last seen hide from all contacts
  • Hide Blue tick, Hide Double tick, Hide typing..
  • Anti-Ban code Added
  • Image and video quality and sharing limit Mods
  • Latest mod with all new features of whatsapp
  • Initial release of latest whatsapp mod

1. GBWhatsapp Method To Use Dual Whatsapp Account


  • First of all you all need to download gbwhatsapp application in your android mobile
  • Download Gbwhatsapp from here: GBWhatsAPP
  • After downloading this software click on install button and install this dual whatsapp application to your mobile
  • Now open the gbwhatsapp application, you will see the same welcome scree as you see in whatsapp app
  • Enter your mobile number and verify it
  • Click on Agree & continue button
  • Now you have this second whatsapp in your mobile. You can use both at the same time with 2 different numbers
  • If you find any difficulty then you can contact us at anytime.

2. Disa App To 2 Whatsapp Account

Disa is basically a messanger hub for any android mobile. You can add many social account in this app and use it multiple in your mobile. You can use multiple facebook account, multiple instagram account as well as multiple whatsapp account with this application. Here is the steps you need to follow to get dua whatsapp account using disa app.

  • First of all download disa app from here:
  • Now install it in your android device
  • Click on + button and add a service
  • Add your new mobile number here
  • And verify it

We hope you all have like this method to use dual whatsapp account in one mobile. You can subscribe us at any-time to get more updates on latest tips and tricks. You can also comment if this dual whatsapp trick works or not.

5 Ways to Best Promote Your Blog

It’s great to blog, especially about things you care deeply for and have opinions that you want to express and discuss with others interested in the same area. But if you want to make a living of your blogging, you may find out that’s just not as easy as you thought it would be, particularly if you are at the very beginning of your career as a blogger. When blogging for profit you must not only create relevant and useful content for your readers, but you must also be effective in your blog’s promotional activities in an effort to gain more and consistent traffic. And this won’t happen overnight; it takes time and persistence to build reputable online history. Here are some of the things your blog’s promotion should include:

Consider the appearance of your blog

You want your blog to appear well to the eyes of your readers, and you want them to be satisfied from their experience as a user. This includes many aspects, from the choice of blogging platform, to the font, colors and navigational layout. WordPress, Joomla, Blogger and Drupal are some of the most preferred platforms by bloggers, and they also allow users to build their own blog sites. WordPress is currently the most popular, but they all feature some dynamic functionalities, ecommerce features, social networking and different modules and plugins.

Also consider the navigation on your blog – is it easy enough for your readers to find what they want? Organize your links and blocks, make your recent posts and most read articles more accessible, and test to find the best positions for your ads to increase the click through rates. When you share and promote your content and new visitors come to your blog, you want them to be satisfied with what they see and how everything appears, so they’ll feel comfortable to come check it again. The Internet users today have higher expectations, so it’s better to be prepared ahead.

Make sure your blog and content are search engine optimized

To be able to drive more traffic to your blog content you should also aim to rank higher in the results of the popular search engines. This means making sure that the articles and your whole website is well optimized for the search engines to be able to “read” it and recommend you links as relevant when their users search the web.

Google is the main search engine in the world and its latest algorithm updates have significantly changed the way blogs and websites appear in their result pages. Relevant content for your targeted niche that is interesting, useful and brings value to your readers is one of the best ways to ensure optimization. If the visitors on your blog find your posts helpful, think you are interesting and share those links with their friends and networks, if they like reading more and coming back again to check out for new things, they will also get you higher in the ranking positions when others search for your queries. Make sure to publish new content on regular daily or weekly basis. You can also submit your blog to ping sites like Ping-O-Matic to remind the search engines to index your pages as you publish new content.

Higher page rank is also determined by the number of back links to your blog; higher link presence on the web increases your website relevance. But we are talking here of quality back links – link building as we knew before does not apply anymore. You should now look for more meaningful and deeper relationships with the relevant authorities in your industry and use these connections to create quality links to your blog. By submitting articles or writing guest posts for other blogs and websites, through social networking and press releases, you’ll be able to increase your backlinks, promote your blog and get greater exposure for your content.

Promote your blog on social and blogging websites, forums and niche-related online community

connectionWe cannot talk about promotion and not mention social media; in today’s world that’s simply not possible. If you want more traffic for your blog, hence more revenues for your blogging activity, you must invest time, effort and money into building a substantial network of fans and followers on the popular social networks. Your social presence is now also a deciding factor in your website rankings – the more people are talking about you, sharing your stories, blog posts and images on Facebook, Twiter, Pinterest, Reddit, linkedIn, you name it, the higher your blog authority, relevance and rankings. This doesn’t mean that you should have profiles on absolutely every network; you can’t even physically manage this workload. Think about your niche, about the type of content that you post, about your readers and their preferences, and then select few social platforms that work best for you.

Also get involved in your niche online community to help build your brand as a blogger and get recognized by the audience as an expert whose knowledge and experience can be trusted. Register to forums and make a list of authoritative bloggers in your industry whose blogs you’ll regularly visit to read their content and make contributions commenting about your experiences, answering questions users have asked and being as helpful as you can to provide extra value to the posts and the readers. Being active member of the community can help your blog promotion a lot.

Be creative with your email marketing, and don’t spam your readers

Email marketing is an important promotional activity, but also one that you should be very careful with. You can’t bomb your readers with emails when they haven’t given you a permission to do so, and spammy mail can even cost you your regular visitors. Use tools like FeedBurner to create a pitch block on your site where users can leave their emails if they want to receive your messages and newsletters. Create attractive and interesting e-newsletter with a creative layout and quality readings and provide links directing to the content. You can also add games, rewards, promotions and other calls to action to interest your readers in visiting your blog.

Gain exposure through guest blogging

Guest blogging on various authority industry-related websites will get you more quality online presence and will improve your image as a blogger, helping you promote yourself and reach out to the communities built around these blogs. Writing guest posts isn’t the same as writing your own content, but it has many SEO and social media benefits attached to it, particularly if you are not only writing for others but also inviting them to publish guest posts on your blog too.

These are just few of the things you can do to gain maximum exposure for your blog. Keep up with the new ideas and methods evolving each day as the internet marketing keeps developing further.

How to Getting Best Revenue with iPhone Application Development

IPhone apps development has increased advantage all over other mobile platforms. IPhone apps present smooth and easy-to-use user interface with efficient user’s experience which can make an effect on the end customer. You might be observed experiences of people making some revenue out of iPhone apps every day. This is surely true of iPhone apps. A lot of people use iPhone nowadays, if such a lot of the people use iPhone, normally the requirement for new and exclusive iPhone apps is likely to hit the mobile market.

A lot of Mobile App Development Company learning a custom iPhone application development is not always easy, specifically if you are a non-technical with no programming knowledge. Take it easy; though you are not recognisable with programming, you still can earn lots of revenues. There are successful and expert iPhone developer who has built many revenues with their hard work and dedication. Abide by the simple tips to make revenue by iPhone application development:


  • Create an applications development concept; choose your targeted audience and how your applications will benefit them.
  • After creation, make a flow chart about how specifically your application will always work. What displays it will have? What control buttons will it have an overall look and experience etc.
  • If you are not acquainted with programming, you need to understand the same for developing a perfect app. There are a lot of places to learn development for iPhone apps; get training and be a development successful.
  • Secure your iPhone application development concept by covering up it with authorized rules and documents. Costs your app is another challenging task. Create sure before prices you analysis the market effectively to build a payment plan.
  • There are websites that help you choose the price. After the development of your iPhone application, present the same in the market and bring in lots of money.

IPhone gives many features and functionality, which creates it different from mobile phones. One of the important advantages of iPhone is that it allows third-party app. So every person can develop iPhone application very easily. So, would you like to develop iPhone application for your devices or choosing our dedicated resources for iPhone, iPad and android app development process and requirements?

Meet Cubby, Dropbox Competitor With More Storage And Features

There has been quite a bit of hype about Cubby from Logmein recently. It is a Dropbox competitor that works well and offers more storage.

I gave it a try and liked it instantly. There are many Dropbox competitors out there but none of them had convinced me to even try them.

iCloud is Mac only, so no possibility of using it on my Windows 8.

I had no reason to sign up for Skydrive. And Google Drive had several issues that I read about in reviews like documents opening in docs only and what not.


Cubby, however, is like a Dropbox upgrade. And I am using it regularly now. Here’s a small comparison.



Dropbox is simple and just works. However, I don’t like having everything inside one folder. I am a very organized person and have partitioned my hard disk in to 6 partitions. And having just one folder synced is a big problem.

There are some books that I’d like to have on move. But not all of them. With Dropbox, I have to make a folder inside Dropbox. This will create problems. Either I copy the books or move them. I will have two separate places to search for.

With Cubby, I can simply make a folder Cubby and it will sync, as simple as that.

Then there is ability to retrieve deleted/changed files. Dropbox has this feature but it requires a paid upgrade. With Cubby, this is absolutely free.

Score: Dropbox: 0, Cubby: 1

Storage Capacity

Dropbox has 2 GB base storage and offers 500 MB per referral. You can buy additional storage if you need.

Cubby has 5 GB base storage and offers 1 GB per friend. They have yet to reveal paid plans though. However, I will surely go for a paid plan as not requiring change in directory structure is a big plus.

Score: Dropbox: 0, Cubby: 2

Mobile App

Both Dropbox and Cubby have good mobile apps. However, there are some features that Cubby lacks. There is automatic photo upload that works beautifully in Dropbox. Cubby lacks anything like that.

Both apps look good and work well. Dropbox gets the win here, however.

Score: Dropbox: 1, Cubby: 2

Platform Support

Both support all the mobile platforms and major desktop platforms. Cubby lacks Linux support for now, however.

Linux support nets 1 point to Dropbox.

Score: Dropbox: 2, Cubby: 2

Resource Usage

Both clients are very light and use almost no resource. To test them, I dropped a 10 MB Powerpoint presentation in both Dropbox and Cubby.

The memory usage remained constant. Dropbox uses almost 4 times the memory of Cubby. However, the memory usage was 12 and 48 MB respectively, which shouldn’t be an issue for any of the modern computers.

Still, that will get 0.5 point to Cubby.

 Score: Dropbox:2, Cubby: 2.5

Both the services are almost equal for now. However, Cubby has that little edge. If their pricing is competitive, they can be a big player in cloud storage wars.

Which one of these will you prefer? Are you already using one of these? Is Cubby a worthy Dropbox Competitor in your view ?