Free Download Freedom Apk Latest Version 2017

download freedom apk

When you are in between of the game, and you are asked by the developer to buy some coins, gems at the minimum amount, we ignore the notification, and thus we lose in the game. That is why freedom apk is essential for the Android device. The freedom apk download is free and easy. Here, we will look how to download Freedom apk and what exactly the freedom apk latest version consists of.

Latest Version Freedom Apk For Android

Howdy readers? As we all know Android games are the best thing that has happened to us. Have you noticed that even the non-gamers have become the game addicts and they are running better than the real gamers? This is the boon for the game developers, and thus there are 100 of new games available in the Google play store every day.

download freedom apk

Now while you are playing the game, and in between the developer have asked you to make some purchase of the gems, coins or anything that are required for the game, what do you do? Simply ignore the notification (it’s but obvious). But have you observe that they will ask you to do so because you are running low on it? (Oh-oo). But need not to worry; we are here to escape you from the web of making high purchases for few coins or gems in the games.

 Freedom apk is the Android app which is specially developed and designed by the developers for the free purchase of the game requirements. Is this true? Or am I dreaming? This is the question that is popping into your mind right now, isn’t it? But yes, it is true. This is the blessing for the amalgams that like to continue their game and do not like the interruptions of the in-app purchases. So without any hesitation, you can download Freedom apk for your Android device for the free gems, coins, etc.

Features of Freedom Apk

This is the most exciting segment that we like to share with you because we have explored the whole app for you and through our understanding, we jolt down the features. Any app is known and rated based on the features it has and therefore, before downloading the freedom apk latest version, we will first present you the features of the app.


freedom apk download

Which means you can download the bluestacks instead of rooting the android device. The freedom apk runs efficiently on the bluestacks rooted application.


kingroot apk latest

For certain game, to upgrade the features, the app asks you to make some in-app purchases. That is why freedom apk comes as the rescue to save your dollars from such purchases.


As the Android OS upgrades, the freedom apk too supports all versions of the Android. Currently, the lollipop and marshmallow versions support the freedom apk.


Become the developer of the mod version android games and get the access of unlimited coins, gems, cash or any other credits available in the Android game.


The freedom apk is just not for the games but also for the applications. To take your apps one level up, you can customize them as you want with the freedom apk.


freedom apk free

With the help of patches, you can have the full access to the apps. This is done by applying certain patches which are meant for the particular apps.

Exciting, right? The best thing about the freedom apk is that it supports all android versions, so there is nothing any particular Android version cannot use the app. But yet there are some other requirements which have to be met for the complete functional freedom apk download.

Requirement To Install Freedom Apk

  • 512 MB minimum RAM for the installation
  • Rooted Android device
  • 2.3 or higher Android version
  • Internal storage of 10 MB required for the file space
  • For modding, internet connection is compulsory.

Download Freedom Apk Latest Version

The features and requirements are now known to you of the freedom apk latest version. So what will be the next step? Of course freedom apk download. It is very simple as well as quick to download Freedom apk for the Android device. So let’s start!

  • With the help of kingroot, start the rooting of the Android device.
  • Now start the download of the freedom apk from the link given below.

freedom apk for free

  • Copy the apk file to the android’s internal storage
  • Install the app from the apk file like you do for the other app installation
  • Open the Freedom apk app and allow the root permission.
  • Once done, every app will be shown in single list installed in your device.

As we said, we delivered! The download and installation of the freedom apk are very easy and simple. Still confused? Okay, it may be for how to launch the app or how to use the freedom apk for the other apps. Well, we will guide you for this, so that you will be the pro in operating the Freedom apk.

How To Launch & Use Freedom Apk?

  • Open the Freedom app and let the list of the installed app appear on it
  • After the installed apps list has appeared, decide on one app that you want to customize/ mod.
  • The option will be given to you asking either to create mod apk or to customize existing.
  • Select what you want to do and then carry on with the changes.

Freedom APK Install Tutorial Video


Simple, easy and helpful. These three words perfectly define the freedom apk latest version. While creating the article on the Freedom apk, we came across so many positive reviews and ratings. That is why, we tried and tested the freedom apk download option, and thus even we cannot get enough of the app! What is surprising while you download Freedom apk is, it does not ask or occupy more space in the device. We hope that we have made some contribution to help you in saving some dollars. You can share this article with your friends via Google, Facebook or Twitter.

GBWhatsapp APK Download 5.40 Latest Version 2017

gbwhastapp download

With the immense popularity, whatsapp has been the top choice for the instant messaging service among the Smartphone users. But there are some features that we would like to have on the application. That’s why we will explain about the GBwhatsapp apk, how to download GBwhatsapp as well what are the current updates or features in the latest version of GBwhatsapp application.

About Whatsapp

Right now, if there is anything that we can’t just get rid of is the WhatsApp in our Smartphone. The time that it was launched in the Smartphone, the app has made the Smartphones in demand for the audience. The whatsapp with the trending features has made the place in every Smartphone user for the instant messaging service. There is nothing about the app that we can hate.

whatsapp plus apk

When any applications become popular, there are other similar kind apps that consist of those features which are lacking in the standard or premium version of the application. This has to be the same case with the whatsapp. There are many developers out there who has the developed the whatsapp applications with the features that are absent in the premium version of the whatsapp.

About GBWhatsapp

One of them is GBwhatsapp. Now, this application is the same like whatsapp but different in the features. It was developed by Omar it is we can say that the clone of the standard whatsapp. There are many clone whatsapp applications in the app market which are ban because of some issues, but this is the mod version of whatsapp, and it comes with the anti-ban feature.

gbwhastapp download

GBwhatsapp is the most active and popular mod among the Android users. For now, it is available only for the Android OS. But soon the developers will build the application for iOS and Windows. The best thing about the installation of the GBwhatsapp apk is that you do not have to root your device. The apk and mod apps need the rooted Android device, but for this app, it is not the basic requirement.

Feautres About GBWhastapp

After knowing the GBwhatsapp in the above description, we will look into the features of the GBwhatsapp apk version. There is nothing in the application that can be disliked by the users.

gbwhatsapp 2017

  • Anti-ban feature
  • Supports 100 languages
  • Added privacy options
  • Preview the images without downloading them
  • Send gif animations
  • Dual account operational at a time
  • Set the custom themes
  • Send images up to 90 at a time
  • Add the members in the group without the need of permission of admin. It operates by the group link.
  • Without the third party tool, you can lock your messages
  • Hide the second tick and blue tick
  • 255 characters status can be updated
  • Change the app icon hassle free
  • Send the broadcast messages up to 200 people.
  • Copy your contact’s status to your clipboard
  • Lock the messenger.

This mod version of the GBwhatsapp supports all Android versions, including the latest version of the Android platform.

GBWhastapp APK Download (V.5.40)

After the exciting features, we know that you will like to download the GBwhatsapp and we are here providing the GBwhatsapp latest version. The installation and download are very easy as well it is available without any surveys and verifications. Make sure that you download the GBwhatsapp apk from our website and do not fall into the trap by downloading it from any other fake website.

(Direct Link For GBWhatsapp APK 5.40)

gbwhatsapp 2017

Steps To Download And Use GBWhatsApp Apk Latest Version

  • Download the GBwhatsapp apk latest version from the given above link below
  • Change and select the device settings to the unknown source for the installation.

gbwhatsapp latest version

  • Allow unknown source from your device settings
  • Once the installation is done, open the app

gbwhatsapp apk

  • Enter the OTP to verify your mobile number

gbwhatsapp apk 2017

  • After the verification, set your name and profile picture

gbwhatsapp download

  • You are ready to use the GBwhatsapp apk.

ogyoutube free download

If suppose you’re already using the GBwhatsapp apk, then check the version and accordingly check the updates given below.


  • 2.16.259 base update
  • Send gif files
  • Fixed error for sending the videos
  • Change background colour
  • Send audio files or voice clips up to 100 MB.


  • Group invite link
  • Disable voice call for the particular contact
  • Backup data/ fixed restore
  • Change the colour of the missed call icon
  • Other bugs fixed


  • Operating dual whatsapp accounts at a time in single Smartphone
  • Set lock
  • Create new themes and set for the whatsapp background
  • Added settings option in the GBwhatsapp settings
  • Additional features which are not available on the standard version of the whatsapp.


The GBwhatsapp apk is the modded version of the whatsapp; thus it will not harm your device or the OS platform. The download links and installation provided here is completely malware free as well as safe to use. If there are any complaints regarding features of the standard version of whatsapp, then the GBwhatsapp latest version fulfils it. The GBwhatsapp download is simple, thus just get going with the application now. Share the article with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Google.

Latest Windows 7 Launcher APK Download for Android 2017

Hello, goody buddies! It’s a long time we have discussed anything about Microsoft Windows. Since the time Microsoft has launched the series of windows OS for the computers and laptops, the users have been tremendously loving it. The interface, features, colors, everything about the windows is fantastic! With each series, the Windows OS has the stock of surprises for its user, and trust us; they never fail to amaze us!

Well, we will here discuss the Windows 7 first, and then we have the new segment after the description of Windows 7. But first, let us read some insights of the windows 7. For the Windows 7, we don’t know from where to start and where to end, because everything about this launcher is magnificent. But we have to start from somewhere, and we will make sure that we cover everything in less number of words. Windows 7 was released in June 2009 and was officially available from October 2009. It was designed mainly to back up the windows vista’s poor critics which had addressed the maintenance hardware and software compatibility. The interface is very much intuitive, several stock applications like windows media player, internet explorer 8, and windows media center. The Windows 7 OS has also made some improvements like the fewer user account control popups.

Download Windows 7 Launcher for Android 2017

Here comes our favorite segment! This is the surprise for you that we wanted to share. Well, it is the good news for the Windows 7 OS lover; now you can have the OS launcher in your Android Smartphone. Isn’t that great thing? I am sure that even your Andy will love to have this new look. The windows 7 launcher for the Android has so many colors, features that we are so excited to share the insights of it!
Compare to any other operating system; Andy is very much user-friendly. So with one simple touch, you can change the outlook of the Android phone. Your Android has been with you for so long, and you can give the best look to it as a surprise! With the windows 7 launcher for the Android, you can have the feel of awesomeness.

What’s in the Store? (Features)

Before you think or proceed to download, we are having the list of features of the Windows 7 for Android. Though you must be aware all the features and have experienced too, still to highlight the best things about anything is what we believe in!

  • Different colorful wallpapers
  • No more lags. Smooth and faster experience
  • Cut Copy Paste anything on the go
  • For the browser settings, there is a function of the control panel.
  • Same taskbar, UI as Windows 7
  • Inbuilt file manager in the format of my computer same as Windows 7.
  • Start menu is same like in the windows 7

P.S. The windows 7 launcher for Android is available in the apk format. Thus you may not get the access to the complete Windows 7 OS on the Smartphone device. So take your cheeks up and hit the download button provided below!

How To Download Windows 7 Launcher APK In Android

We have discussed Everything of the windows 7 launcher, now all you have to do is just launch the Apk in the Smartphone with few easy steps.

  1. DOWNLOAD the windows 7 launcher Apk for Android from the above given link.
  2. CLICK on the OS and start the installation
  3. CLICK home tab and select android windows 7 launcher as ALWAYS making it default launcher for the device.

We have also attached the series of screenshots of the windows 7 launcher for android. Just in case if you want to know how your Andy will look after the Windows 7 OS makeover.

windows 7 launcher apk

Video Tutorial for Windows 7 Launcher APK


The windows 7 launcher for the Android also consists of standard Windows 7 features like recycle bin, weather widget, clock widget, etc. When we got to know about this amazing launcher, we just couldn’t resist sharing the great surprise with you guys. We hope you must have liked the article as much as we loved to share the great news with you. Your token of appreciation will be the bonus for us for the hard work we do for you. Now download the launcher and also amaze your friends with Windows 7 for Android by sharing on the social media platform via Google, Facebook or Twitter.